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~An Urgent Message from the Desk of THE Loose Cannon~

Well I lied, I’m really not at my desk, I’m sitting in my truck stealing WIFI on the Covington Square wasting a little time before I have to be back at church this afternoon. SOOOO, I figured I’d just jot a few letters down in certain patterns that form, what we as humans like to call, “Words”. And these “Words” are what we use to communicate with sometimes.  It’s a novel concept, no?

This afternoon I’m digesting the message that my Pastor, Scott Moore, preached on this morning. It was interesting to me that his message was inline with a lot of what I touched on this week. His words just confirmed in my mind that I’m at least pointed in the right direction.  I want this blog to be about life, transparency, overcoming obstacles & just plain living a more fulfilling and happy life. Thrown in with a little humor and some other stuffs and whatnots that really rattle my shackles. So strap on your helmets and sharpen your crayons boys and girls-The train is leaving the station.

Committing to myself to write this blog has REALLY forced me to watch people. Really watch them closely. From how they treat others as well as how they act when they’re, say,  eating alone etc…It’s also forced me to review and get in sync with who I really am. That’s the journey I’m looking forward to the most. Who can I really be? Hey, Who can you really be?

So I hope that all of you continue this journey with me and let’s take over the world one grain of sand at a time.

This is a sneak peak at the BLOG  topics you have to look forward to this week:

  • ~So ya say ya wanna be a Long Haul Trucker~
  • ~Aim Small, Miss Small~
  • ~I’ll Make You Famous~ 
  • ~Hey, I like Tacos!~ 
  • ~I Miss WKRP in Cincinnati~

*These topics may be subject to change depending on how grouchy I am on any given day. Please note they are listed in no particular order.

I cant wait to delve into them and chew the fat with y’all.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels” 


The Loose Cannon


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