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Well, HOWDY DO! Neighbors…Today is Wednesday and I declare it “HOT BUTTON WEDNESDAY”…Today’s topic should be an interesting one. It’s actually something I’m pretty passionate about…I enjoy the debate over it and I also enjoy seeing people squirm when they hear the word “Judgement“….Say it with me and smile

J U D G E M E N T :)

And the Temperature Rises

But first I have to get something off my chest. I don’t like to be judged…Not in any way shape or form. It’s like wearing fiberglass drawz while running a marathon or doing squats. But, I understand it’s human nature to look at a person and think…”That person is a real moron” or “That guys blog is stupid…He compared life to a taco”. I get it. I really do…But do you know what I can’t stand more than being judged. That’s right…You guessed it……………………JUDGE JUDY!

Am I the only one here that wants to poke her in the eye?

In fact, most television judges make my skin crawl. But Judge Judy makes me want to slam my big toe with a dead blow hammer…Not once but thrice! I’m gonna pick on my Sweet Mom here a little. She loves those kinda shows. If she’s at home in the afternoon I can almost GAR’UN’TEEYA that there is one of THOSE shows on and a marathon will ensue.  I don’t see the appeal and all 3 parties involved usually make me want to incite a riot.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Deadbeat guy gets girl pregnant, she’s working 270 hours a week and he’s sleeping on the couch. He barrows $4,700 to buy an ounce of dope and a new car stereo for a car that doesn’t even run and won’t pay her back. Judge Judy then climbs on her high horse and continues to shhh and make loser gestures to the two love birds  having unwed children together. They usually have a bailiff that stands in the corner and “MmmmHmms” the judge too…This is supposed to be entertaining but if I’m honest I’d rather tweeze every hair off my body! Are you getting the picture yet? If not here’s one for you.

Class, PURE class

Really? I cannot believe someone would choose to go on television in front of this lady and air their dirty laundry. Not to mention getting treated like trash from the bench. Rarely have I seen her bite the bullet and actually show compassion for either party.

Isn’t that how some people in our lives treat us? Full of snap and harsh judgement. Judging our character before they really get to know us. Because the kind of clothes we wear, skin color we have, tattoos we have, hair style we wear or the types of shoes we walk in. What about those judgments that are even more personal in nature. The Family we come from, the way we raise our kids, the church we go to….There are endless possibilities for someone to look at you and make a judgement without even knowing you.

How does that make you feel? Chances are you don’t love it. Chances are you’ve been judged today. Maybe because of something you wore to work, a conversation someone heard you having and they only heard 1 side, something you may have posted on facebook….who knows but I can assure you if you’re reading this you were judged in some way, shape or form today.

Judgement is one of those subjects that people tiptoe around because it’s offensive. We’re all scared of offensive topics. Look at what being afraid to say “Black” or “Colored” or “Asian” or any term that refers to ethnicity has done to race relations. Someone is scared of offending someone else because it’s a sensitive issue.

We often use the short term “Don’t judge me” playfully in common fun. But really that’s the way we all feel daily isn’t it? Especially when we’re doing something we know is wrong. We don’t want to hear someone say…”Marc, that’s not right man. What you just said to her isn’t right…You just got that meal for free because they gave you the wrong change back”. We don’t want to hear someone say that to us because they just may be right.

Let me tell you something groundbreaking friends. That’s not judgement. That’s knowing right from wrong and letting you know it. If you cheat on your wife or husband and confess that to someone and they tell you that’s wrong. It’s not judgement. Right is right and wrong is wrong.  They’re both truths.

Certainly there is a grey area there…It’s a fine line at times between forming an opinion of someone’s actions to whether it’s “Right or wrong”. I believe we’re born with innate morals that God has instilled in us. He’s also listed them in his Good Book. Of course there is the 10 commandments and the commandments Jesus made in the New Testament. Then there are the laws of our Nation. Most people in this country claim you can’t legislate morality…I’m sorry, But that’s a load of Bull Squeeze…This country has been doing that from DAY 1! Each state does it and all 3 Branches of our Federal Government legislate morality. It’s right from wrong! As I’ve stated before, it’s the “Golden Rule”.  The cornerstone of morality.  I don’t see how and why we make it so Gawl’Dang hard to understand! Human nature? Laziness? Stubbornness? All of the above? Maybe.

I think most people refuse to realize the difference in truth and judgement. What do I mean by that? I mean that when we do something wrong and someone calls us out on it we blame them for judging us. If you’re my friend and you do something wrong I’m going to tell you. Regardless of whether you steal, lie or cheat…I’m going to tell you and I hope you would hold me to the same standard. Is it hard to get told you’re wrong?…SURE IT IS! We don’t like to be wrong. I don’t like to be wrong (I wish I knew what that felt like, btw).

The real reason we don’t want someone to tell us right from wrong is that we don’t like feeling convicted. It’s a difficult set of feelings. It can be emotional. It can be frustrating. I can feel demeaning. There can be shame and guilt associated with it. But there is GOOD NEWS! No one is immune from forgiveness.  Especially from the Savior. It’s amazing that it’s easier for our God to forgive us than humans. I would think it would be the opposite. But his Grace is sufficient!

Let me caution you:

Mathew 7:3   “Why do you worry about the sawdust in your friends eye when you don’t pay attention to the plank in your own eye”

We all do wrong, so if you do have to correct a friend do it with Truth, Love and Grace.

We are not to condemn our brothers but merely point out that they may have fallen. Remember speaking truth into someone is a privilege and a responsibility. You have to make sure you have that right to cross those bounds before you take that step. When you give truth, do it in Love and not anger. If you have to take some time to collect yourself in a situation, step back and  look at how it needs to be properly addressed, do so.  When you speak the truth into someone, Give them Grace. If our Heavenly Father can do so we certainly can.  Think of how you would want that person to handle the situation if the roles were reversed.

Jut to be clear, this is what we call “Accountability” in certain dark corners of our secret society known as “grown ups”. Some of us don’t want to be held accountable. That’s where we find ourselves in the blame game of judgement. If you want to see a group of people who exercises Grace well and truly Loves people. Look at “People of the Second Chance” and see how they do it.

I’m sure a preacher somewhere could have put my blog a little more eloquently than I did. It wasn’t what I was going to share today but it was on my heart. So thanks for letting me share.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank You for visiting “Gullible’s Travels” 

The Loose Cannon

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One thought on “~The HOT Button has been pressed!~

  1. Marc – I Love this topic! I am so glad that it was what was on your mind! What an amazing perspective of the subject 🙂 Thanks as always for sharing!

    Blessings and Hugs ❤

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