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January 30th

On this day in history in

1649 – England’s King Charles I was beheaded.

1798 – The first brawl in the U.S. House of Representatives took place. Congressmen Matthew Lyon and Roger Griswold fought on the House floor.

1917 – The Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded “The Darktown Strutters’ Ball.” (considered to be the first jazz record)

1933 – “The Lone Ranger” was heard on radio for the first time. The program ran for 2,956 episodes and ended in 1955.

1933 – Adolf Hitler was named the German Chancellor.

1948 – Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist.

1956 – Elvis Presley recorded “Blue Suede Shoes.”

1968 – The Tet Offensive began as Communist forces launched surprise attacks against South Vietnamese provincial capitals.

1969 – The Beatles made their last-ever public appearance as a group. The performance of “Get Back” was filmed for the movie “Let It Be.”

1972 – In Northern Ireland, British soldiers shot and killed thirteen Roman Catholic civil rights marchers. The day is known as “Bloody Sunday.”

2002 – Slobodan Milosevic accused the U.N. war crimes tribunal of an “evil and hostile attack” against him. Milosevic was defending his actions during the Balkan wars.

Born on this day in History: 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.) 1882

Barbara Hale 1922

Gene Hackman 1931

Vanessa Redgrave 1937

Norma Jean 1938

Brett Butler 1958

Christian Bale 1974

From the looks of it today has been a pretty lame day in world history. I mean just look at what a quick search of this dates happenings through out history turned up.  There are a few happenings that are kinda sort interesting and a couple that have actually changed the course of history and had a global impact. But while the Murder of Gandhi, Hitler’s installment of power,the Vietnam War and the beheading of King Charles were all major events the rest of the list doesn’t look so dramatic in the grand scheme of the way the world has turned out so far. No that each hasn’t had some sort of impact but really in our daily lives those are really the only ones that stand out to me.

Actually, the birth of FDR has effected us all. His policies, good or bad, have touched everyone who has lived during or after his presidency. FDR has had a far reaching and vast impact on this country. He reached the world as the leader of the Free world in WWII in defeating Hitlers regime. One of the most horrific humans to have ever walked this planets surface. Talk about despicable! Hitler would have to look up to reach the scourge of the earth. Gandhi was the total opposite of Hitler. He was the ultimate peacemaker. Rooted against any sort of violence of any kind. People still look to his teachings as a way to live.

There isn’t a soul on this planet that could argue the impact of each of these individuals on the last 75 years or so. I mean their reach far outweighs anything one can imagine for one single person’s lifetime. I’d argue that FDR has had the greatest impact on this country of any president in history. I’d say that his presidency was more vital than any other president’s. Including Lincoln and Washington. Not that each didn’t face some unbelievably unimaginable challenges, BUT… FDR lead at a time when the first true global reign was entirely possible. I don’t think he was perfect but he lead this country through probably it’s greatest threat that we’ve ever known.

Peace truly get’s no love. Throughout history we don’t praise people who eat, drink and sleep peace to their fellow man. Gandhi believed that violence was not the way to settle conflict. Living lavishly wasn’t the way to a happy existence and that lavish living lead to conflict. I’m no scholar on his life but I know enough to know that he was right in that sense. Wealth can be a catalyst in conflict. His teachings are still felt across his globe. Not just from his native religion but a lot of religions and beliefs around the world teach what he walked.

Hitler, Hitler is a man who brings hate, and rage and depression to people all over this planet to this day. 70 some-odd years after his suicide. I don’t think there has ever been another human to have walked this planet that has affected so many people. Not just in his region but globally. He was a fruitcake! He was off his rocker. He thought he was a God. If people are honest his name strikes fear into sooo many today and will for years and centuries to come.  Unfortunately that’s the God’s honest truth.

As I was reading through this day in history happenings I started thinking about these three individuals. Their course in life is still effecting life today, posthumously. Their decisions, thoughts, personalities, likes & dislikes have in someway reached us all. In thinking about that I thought about who affect and what how my decisions, personality, likes and dislikes effect people.

Most statics tell us that in 50 to 60 years no one will have the slightest clue as to who we are or who we were. Sure it will be easier to research your families lineage then with the advent of the technology age. BUT, that only tells your name, your hair color, maybe what you weighted and what you liked on your spam sandwich. But it won’t tell the real person you were. It won’t have the same impact as knowing you. Even through time we’ve lost something of each of the aforementioned.  But the regular Joe working at the Piggly Wiggly meat counter…Chances are no one will remember your after you’re dead and gone.

It’s kinda of a sad thought to think that really my life is limited to just a few years in the grand scheme of God’s universe in time. We live for vapor and we’re gone. 2 generations from now we’ll be forgotten for the most part. Even entertainers and musicians for the most part will be forgotten.

When I started thinking about that I told myself I wanted a legacy. One that will last not 2 generations but I want to leave something lasting. Not like a name on a building or a highway or a bridge…Although, I’d love to have a bridge named after me. I’m talking about when people talk about me they talked about how I impacted lives. I want to be known today, tomorrow and posthumously for helping people change their lives and being a positive impact to the world around me. Those thoughts started circling in my head and thought to myself … Wait a minute, I do have that opportunity. It’s right here at my fingertips. It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s in how I conduct myself … Not only in public but the privacy of my own home.

It then came to me that I have an opportunity to make, not only a generational impact, but an eternal impact. What I do daily has an impact eternally. Maybe not in the person sitting to my right but it could be to the person sitting to my left, or the person sitting behind me at a restaurant.

The truth of it all is that 50 billion people, give or take a dozen or so, have taken a breath upon this earth. Chances are there are just a handful of those people who have had a real impact in your life. In my life and it’s been the same since God whispered “Let there be light”. There is only one person who impacts us all eternally and that’s Jesus Christ. His legacy has been seen over a couple thousand years and it’s not going away. It’s actually growing with each second of our man made concept of time.  I know that Christ living in me will ensure my legacy to be a lasting one. Not only on this planet but when I walk in Glory. It’s amazing the impact you and I can have just knowing him and walking the way he walked.

Just something for all of y’all to ponder on this Monday afternoon.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


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