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~Jingle, Jingle, I hate Change!~

It fits in a jar, not my pocket.


This country waste a lot…We waste a lot. I MEAN A LOT! I’m not going to do the research but I can tell you that by the worlds standards we as a country should be looked upon like we are. And that’s not very good. I mean I do know that the avg person globally lives on less than $2 a day. That is sad. VERY SAD. The sad par is that We as Americans don’t too much care as long as our way of life isn’t compromised.

Our Government leads the way in wastefulness. Think about it…Even you bleeding heart liberals who would rather the Government hold your hand through entitlements cannot deny that most social programs are a waste of time and choke our government to it’s core. There’s other issues that are wasteful as well. Look at the minting of our hard currency. We for years minted $1 coins that did nothing but sat on shelves and never hit the streets. Wasting millions upon MILLIONS of dollars per month. Guess, what…This went on for decades. And why? What in the hell does it matter if a coin has a president, or state, or any persons face for that matter on it. I understand the need to produce a coin that cannot be duplicated easily. Not sure too many people are minting coins in their basement these days but I guess it could happen.  That’s just one example…

Speaking of coins. I cannot stand carrying change in my pocket. Ever heard of the term “Heavy Pockets”? Well I cannot standing having heavy pockets. More than my money clip and a few keys and I feel like my pants are coming off. I don’t even like spending change really. Since I’ve been broke…And I mean rolling pennies for gas broke I’ve had to spend change. While I’m not too proud to spend it I still don’t like walking to the counter with $20 in change and having to count that out to the foreign man that’s going to count the money right back at me after I’ve already counted it. It’s sort of embarrassing. So, I’m taking donations of real cash dollars if your handing it out 🙂

I’m sure most of you have at some point had to pay for something all with change or rolled it for a vacation. I hate rolling it as well. I’m always freaking out wondering if I got the $10 or the $2 are correct in the nickel package or quarter package etc… It’s just really a nuisance most of the time. Then taking it to the bank is like dragging an anvil to the bank. Or using those Coin Star Machines make me crazy as well…To just really be freaking honest I hate change. I wish the government would go to an all paper system and cut out the going all together. But then you have a ton of issues with that. Coke machines, stamp machines, wishing wells and bubble gum machines would all be obsolete. So you cant really change change.. Those are things we’ve become accustomed to around here and no one really wants to change something even if it makes it more convenient and whatnot.

If I had to bet all the change in my change purse I’d be willing to bet that each an every one of you hate change. Change in your pocket, rolling change, spending change, and changing things that we know would make life better just because it’s not the regular ole routine.

Let me ask you a question.

Why is change so hard to accept? Even the gas station employs and owners put a limit on how much change they accept from one person. I mean it’s money right? Change is just plain hard to deal with. We as humanity have gotten to the point where if it’s not comfortable to us then we don’t want it. I can only speak from my own experience in that for the most part change has been greatly needed in my life and usually brings about a better lifestyle and outlook for me. Not all the time but for the most part. Now change can be painful and that’s to be expected. It’s uncomfortable but when you make changes there is a new freshness in life that wasn’t there before.

Having faced some financial instability in my life I’ve been forced to embrace change in my life. Not just the spare change that pays my gas but things like not eating out, not buying clothes, not watching the tv channels that I’m used to watching and just plain being a tightwad. But you know I’ve also learned to value the blessings in life I do have. The things in life money cannot buy like relationships, homemade Christmas presents and not being bound to the almighty dollar. It’s really been a point of freedom in my life. Not that I’ve ever been rich but I’ve been able to do pretty much most things I want to up to this point in my life. So in these days and years to come I hope that I can continue to embrace the changes in my life, good or bad, for what they are. They’re actually blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon me.

So I challenge each of you to embrace change. Hard change, things that make you want to throw up that you know you need to change but don’t have the guts to. I can promise you the decision to stop smoking, cussing, slow down on the roads, whatever your changes need to be … If you delete that from your life you’ll feel liberated. If you do not agree…Then you’re simply wrong…..

Thanks for listening!

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon


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One thought on “~Jingle, Jingle, I hate Change!~

  1. Joyce Love on said:

    What is the old saying. Change is good for the soul.
    Love your blog

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