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~Where is My Other Sock?!~

Anyone know if these are legal to hunt in Georgia?

I’m just going to be honest with y’all – I hate doing laundry. I HATE IT! Well, let me back up a step. I hate folding clothes. The actual washing and drying ain’t so dang bad. But the folding is something I put right up there with washing dishes, sawing off my toes, being maimed by a piece of landscaping equipment…You get the drift?

Well, in hearing my love for laundry you’d probably think that I hate to iron as well. Actually I love to iron. I iron pretty much everything right down to my drawers. Yep, that’s right I like my boxers pressed (No starch though). I enjoy not looking like a slob but there comes a price for not enjoying folding … Well, I don’t know anyone that likes to fold and if you do you’re welcome at my house anytime. But in my case there are several laundry baskets that hold clean clothes in my floor and usually just one that holds dirty clothes. I guess it could be just a guy thing but I usually fold clothes once a month and it consist of about 3 t-shirts and then I’m done. Back to the price I pay for this…I have an over active sock monster and I swear that monster is the hungriest beast that has ever stalked the planet!

The sock monster makes it’s presence known at my house every day. It’s a daily ritual for me. I wake up, brush my tooth, take a shower get dressed and in the process of getting dressed I search furiously for 2 matching socks. I mean I tear my house apart for 2 matching socks. When I find them I put them on quickly for fear of the sock monsters appetite. You may laugh but I bet I’m the only person that does this. It’s actually gotten SOOO bad that once I reach the goal of finding 2 socks that match (Once I have checked for holes in the sock – A story for another day) I put them on regardless of whether they match the rest of my attire or not. I’m actually wearing matching socks that don’t match the rest of what I have on 60% of the time…That’s an estimate but I’m betting it’s pretty accurate.  It used to bother me to do that but not these days.

That got me to thinking…Would anyone notice if I wore 2 totally unrelated socks?

The socks I'm wearing today

And if someone did notice would they tell me?

If you have read any of the blogs I’ve posted you kn0w by now my mind doesn’t work like a “Normal” person’s. And that’s just fine with me actually. My good friend and Brother in Christ, Rod Myers,  pointed out to me that I see things through a kaleidoscope of thoughts that I personally like to call “Kaleidoscopia”. With that being said I’m about to visit “Kaleidoscopia” again so come on with me.

As I looked for a matching pair of socks this morning I had this thought. If I wore a pair of socks that were not really a pair at all would anyone notice…If they did would they tell me and if so who is most likely to say “Marc, did you know you have on 2 totally unrelated socks.”  Then it lead me to think that no one would really care really right? I mean who looks at my socks? Who really notices a man’s socks?

But then I thought about my friends. I have a lot of friends. A LOT and I love that about my life but really how many good friends do I have? Those are the people who would say “Marc, you moron … You’re wearing 2 different socks!”. I’m talking about the people who know things about me that if were leaked to the press arrest would be made.  There are really and truly 4 of those people in my life. The people who know me to the bone. Know the dark stuff and actually like that guy regardless of my Good, Bad and Ugly. Those 4 guys would make life pretty rough for me if I went anywhere with them and they knew I had unmatched socks on. But they would also still go with me. Hell, they’d stick with me no matter what.

The simple fact of the matter is … We need those people to tell us when we don’t have on matching socks. We need those kinda of friends in our lives that will tell us when we have something in our teeth and accept us because they love us no matter what. It’s funny how something that happens every day, such as searching for a sock, can remind you that the people who you cling to when times are good, bad or ugly are irreplaceable.  You’ll hear me say more than once if you know me that relationships are the most important things we own in this life so value them for what they are.

My challenge to you is sometime this week wear a pair of socks that do not match and let me know who brings it to your attention. Thank that person or people and tell them what they mean to you.  


But maybe not this bold!

Proverbs 18:24

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels” 


The Loose Cannon


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One thought on “~Where is My Other Sock?!~

  1. Joyce Love on said:

    You really iron your underwear OK LOL

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