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Valentines Day is Dumb! 

On this cold wet Tuesday in the South there are a lot of people spending money on a “Holiday” to celebrate love. There are also millions of people dreading this day because they’re single and don’t have a significant other to celebrate with.  There are also more than a handful of people who feel the way I do about this so called holiday we know as Valentines Day. It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood of Smart people if you ask me. We don’t like it. In fact I find it foolishly absurd that people over the age of 15 see the need to spend money on their loved ones to “Show” they love them. The novelty of the holiday is cute but that’s about where it stops with me. The disturbance in this holiday is just not skin deep if you ask me.

Just as most of the marked days we celebrate from history that spans centuries and over several continents this holiday has been lost in commercialism ($ = Love). Holy Cow! Who would have thunk it! If you’re one of the millions of people here going out to celebrate your Love for the man or woman in your life then you should know what you’re actually commemorating. St. Valentines Day is a memorial to martyrdom.  Yes, you’re celebrating the martyr of  saints for the Roman Catholic church.


I bet that just warms all of y’all cockles right? I know it does mine! Whew, I just can’t take it anymore…If only I were not single! People will be gorging themselves on all sorts of food, spending hundreds of dollars on flowers and gifts and hotel rooms. Maybe even reaching into the thousands for some. Some may even propose on the day of martyrdom.  That would be something wouldn’t it ladies…”Baby, the minute I saw you I knew you were the one for me..Darlin, when those barroom lights came on and you downed that last Bud Heavy without pulling that Marlboro off those lips I couldn’t stand it anymore…When our crossed eyes I met…It was kismet…Lerlene, on this day that we celebrate the death of saints…Would you promise to be my queen forever? Baby, will you marry me?”  Tell me that don’t make you weak in the knees…I know it does me!

The last time I celebrated Valentines day was in 2001. Took the girl I was dating out for dinner and spent well over a hundred dollars for dinner. Bought her a pair of diamond earrings (Which she lost 2 weeks later) and a tv.  After the night was pretty much over with what I got wasn’t a thank you … It was “Is that it?”…LOL That was my VD gift. That and a pair of hockey tickets. I don’t even like hockey. You may think I’m bitter…Which I can most assuredly tell you that I’m not. I was at the time but in my years I have learned that Love isn’t shown through spending money on someone or where you take someone to dinner. It’s shown through an every day relationship.

The statement that always kills me is “It’s the thought that counts”.  Really? Soooo, a man throwing away money on a fleeting gift – on a day that he is really and truly not looking forward to just to try and keep you happy…Is that the greatest thought that proves and shows love? LOL, That’s really a selfish attitude if you ask me.

Now, I know there are some that are saying “You’re single and you’re just jealous”…Ummm…No, I’ve felt this way since day 1 of giving the little cards away in elementary school. I will say that I truly do not believe there is a thing wrong with giving someone a gift or taking them out to dinner to share something special. That’s what life and love are all about. But here is the thing. Shouldn’t every day be a gift in your relationships? Shouldn’t we reach out and tell those we love every day that we love them and show it daily that we do?  Why can’t we slow down enough to do that? Why do we have to have day that almost forces someone to try and show that?  You may not agree with my point of view but you’d be wrong. If you look forward to a singular day of the year for the gift you’re going to get from someone then you’ve missed it. You’re really missing out on life and what it truly means to live.  Period. Think about about what is truly important in life and spend some time daily giving thanks for it.

One thing I’d really like to challenge you to do on days like today is reach out to those who are less fortunate. The $25, $50 or $100’s you’re going to spend on this day of martyrdom … Donate that to help feed someone. To help clothe someone. To help house someone.  You know what…That’s a thought that counts. 

That’s how you Love!

This was posted on Facebook and I wanted to re-share it.

“So, this morning at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru, I paid for the car behind me & told them to tell her Happy Valentine’s Day. The lady caught me at the light, and in tears she thanked me for making her day. Her husband passed away a few months ago, and this is her first Valentine’s Day with out him in 20 years. She told me this was his way of telling her he loves her… And this is why it is good to pay it forward!! You have an extra $2, pay for the car behind you, it could mean a lot to them!!”

This is how you Love! 

Jesus gives the perfect example on how to love in Matthew 25:31-46. It’s not that hard. You never know what a small meal or just a hello to a stranger could mean in someone else’s life.

So on this day of martyrdom I’d like to wish you a Happy Forced Love Day!

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon 


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