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~I Gave Up Lent For BACON!~

Check the ones you're giving up off the list as you read this below 🙂


First I would like to apologize to my faithful for not getting more material out. It’s been busy as hey ull ’round these parts lately. Which is good. So without further ado. Read On!

Roughly 2,000 some odd years ago Jesus walked this planet. He’s been the most relative soul ever. In the entire existence of the planet. More celebrated than anyone else more detested than anyone else and more ridiculed than anyone else in history. Even Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung combined. You can throw in there the rulers of the dark ages and Khan as well. As a Christian I celebrate him and Love him as my savior. Non Christians around the world for ages have loathed him and Christianity for the shortcomings of the world not for what he did. The man thought peace, Love and lived an existence of how each of us should walk. This blog is more for Christians than none Christians so if you’re not a believer you probably won’t understand what I’m about to say and that’s okay. Read along if you want to but I’m about to go through something that is relates to Christians and the season coming up.

Today is the day After Ash Wednesday. For many denominations of Christianity it’s a day to start Lent. Marking the period of time before Christ crucifixion that he spend in the wilderness  fasting and preparing himself for what was coming. That’s the long and short of it. The Catholic Church and many Protestant churches observe Lent. The members fast and give up luxuries to submit themselves and surrender to Christ in this time.

It’s always funny to me this time if year watching and listening to people talk about what they’re giving up for Lent. I grew up in a Baptist church that didn’t observe this particular tradition. I go to a church now that doesn’t openly embrace this tradition. I’ve never really cared much for even knowing about it until last year and I started researching it a little bit and until yesterday when I read theologian Landon Whitsitt’s blog post about the observation of Lent. He could have been talking straight out of my thoughts…What are you giving up for Lent?

I’ve actually never given up anything for lent but I’ll be doing something this year that I guess you could stay is something self sacrificing during this time of preparation for Holy Week.  First off, Let me say this. I believe when you give something up for lent or anytime of the year to rely on the provision of Christ it’s between you and him. It’s personal, not something you display. I also believe that most people are giving stuff up that doesn’t matter or really has no benefit towards building faith and strengthening their relationship with Christ. Saying “I’m giving up Chocolate, Steaks, Ice cream, sex, alcohol, driving fast, etc…” really doesn’t make up a blue hill of beans to Christ. If it’s something  you just decide to do on your own without prayer then don’t even bother. Now I’m not saying that Christ can’t lead you to giving up anything in that list above. But I believe that Christ wants you to rely on his provision through prayer and understanding that he can provide divinely. Pray for Christ to lead you to give up something you need. Saying you’re giving up Facebook or Coke just to give it up without Christ being the center of that really is silly. Secondly, don’t give up a sin for lent. If you have an issue with a sin then that needs to be rid from your life entirely. Not just for 40 days.


If you truly want to grow in Christ this Lenten season pray that he leads you in a fast. Don’t broadcast it but truly give up your day and provisions of the day to him and pray during those times when you would be eating breakfast or drinking a cup of coffee at break etc…Like Whitsitt said in his blog don’t seek blessings and God’s favor. Seek him. The blessings and the favor of Christ will follow. Lent is a ritualistic symbol we all know. I guess the thing that I’m asking is if you’re observing Lent, are you just being ritualistic or are you really surrendering to the will of Christ in your life?

Something to think about and ponder…Hmmmmmmmmmm

Until the next slip of the tongue, thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”

The Loose Cannon  


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2 thoughts on “~I Gave Up Lent For BACON!~

  1. Joyce Love on said:

    Hey Thanks you answered a question I had what is Ash Wed about.

  2. Megan on said:

    Yeah I’ve never been a fan of Lent because it’s man-centered. People think they’re so righteous because they’re giving something up.

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