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~Smile! Well, unless you don’t have all your teeth…In that case – Grin!~

Thankful for his masterpiece

You know as someone who has suffered a great deal of pain through depression in anxiety in the past I sometimes forget through my recovery to smile. Those of you who know me well know that I grew up with the nickname “Smiley”. I smiled all the time. Maybe some of you were like that as well? Maybe not…Anywho, through the years of anxiety over my bad decisions, distance from God, a destructive lifestyle… I developed a pattern of depression that not only affected me but those around me. My smile wilted….I recall days when it was impossible to smile. Or so I thought. I just was so into “Me” and suffering over myself, selfishly. As I continue to grow as a man I see life change before my eyes every day. It’s not always easy but I see things change for the better instead of spiraling into deep dark holes. As I struggle through difficult days now I’m more aware that there are always better days ahead and this particular valley is only temporary. But most of all I try to focus on what makes me smile instead of what makes it hurt to smile.

Here are some things that make me smile:

  • My dog Bluford. The term “Man’s best friend” is absolutely true because he’s mine
  • Jasmine blooming
  • Homegrown tomato sandwiches
  • Randy Rogers
  • Stoney Larue
  • A random text to see how I’m doing
  • My church family
  • Fishing
  • Making up games with any and all of my nieces or my nephew
  • A good glass of red wine
  • The sunset
  • BACON!
  • The sunrise
  • Key West
  • Day Dreaming (I know people say it’s unhealthy to day dream) Horse hockey!
  • Anchorman
  • Puppies
  • Hot Dogs


  • Grilling/Cooking
  • My family
  • Fitting into pants I haven’t been able to wear in 10 years.
  • Counseling people
  • Talking about Jesus
  • Seeing someone get baptized (Actually that makes me cry, but I smile too)
  • Writing songs
  • Flip Flops
  • Raw Oysters and beer
  • Meeting someone new and learning about their heart and what makes them who they are
  • Being right
  • Making wrong things right

Blu waiting on a treat always makes me smile

  • Lake Oconee
  • A good drive on the golf course
  • Cutting grass (Yes I’m serious)
  • Seeing God change a life
  • God using me in spite of myself
  • Sitting and staring at God’s creation and thanking him for it.

Those are just a few things that make me smile…When I need a smile I usually turn to God’s creation to settle my soul and to remind me of how faithful he is.

I just had this on my heart to share today. So if you’re struggling with something try to focus on whatever it is that makes you stretch out those lips. If you’re in a bad mood, a bad place in life, or just having a helluva bad day…Stop, walk outside and look around you. Take a deep breath and think about something that will no doubt leave a smile on your face. I was going to list a few things that made me frown and honestly there were so few I felt it not even relevant to my point. So my challenge to you today is to get out there in life and smile.


Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


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~I Gave Up Lent For BACON!~

Check the ones you're giving up off the list as you read this below 🙂


First I would like to apologize to my faithful for not getting more material out. It’s been busy as hey ull ’round these parts lately. Which is good. So without further ado. Read On!

Roughly 2,000 some odd years ago Jesus walked this planet. He’s been the most relative soul ever. In the entire existence of the planet. More celebrated than anyone else more detested than anyone else and more ridiculed than anyone else in history. Even Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung combined. You can throw in there the rulers of the dark ages and Khan as well. As a Christian I celebrate him and Love him as my savior. Non Christians around the world for ages have loathed him and Christianity for the shortcomings of the world not for what he did. The man thought peace, Love and lived an existence of how each of us should walk. This blog is more for Christians than none Christians so if you’re not a believer you probably won’t understand what I’m about to say and that’s okay. Read along if you want to but I’m about to go through something that is relates to Christians and the season coming up.

Today is the day After Ash Wednesday. For many denominations of Christianity it’s a day to start Lent. Marking the period of time before Christ crucifixion that he spend in the wilderness  fasting and preparing himself for what was coming. That’s the long and short of it. The Catholic Church and many Protestant churches observe Lent. The members fast and give up luxuries to submit themselves and surrender to Christ in this time.

It’s always funny to me this time if year watching and listening to people talk about what they’re giving up for Lent. I grew up in a Baptist church that didn’t observe this particular tradition. I go to a church now that doesn’t openly embrace this tradition. I’ve never really cared much for even knowing about it until last year and I started researching it a little bit and until yesterday when I read theologian Landon Whitsitt’s blog post about the observation of Lent. He could have been talking straight out of my thoughts…What are you giving up for Lent?

I’ve actually never given up anything for lent but I’ll be doing something this year that I guess you could stay is something self sacrificing during this time of preparation for Holy Week.  First off, Let me say this. I believe when you give something up for lent or anytime of the year to rely on the provision of Christ it’s between you and him. It’s personal, not something you display. I also believe that most people are giving stuff up that doesn’t matter or really has no benefit towards building faith and strengthening their relationship with Christ. Saying “I’m giving up Chocolate, Steaks, Ice cream, sex, alcohol, driving fast, etc…” really doesn’t make up a blue hill of beans to Christ. If it’s something  you just decide to do on your own without prayer then don’t even bother. Now I’m not saying that Christ can’t lead you to giving up anything in that list above. But I believe that Christ wants you to rely on his provision through prayer and understanding that he can provide divinely. Pray for Christ to lead you to give up something you need. Saying you’re giving up Facebook or Coke just to give it up without Christ being the center of that really is silly. Secondly, don’t give up a sin for lent. If you have an issue with a sin then that needs to be rid from your life entirely. Not just for 40 days.


If you truly want to grow in Christ this Lenten season pray that he leads you in a fast. Don’t broadcast it but truly give up your day and provisions of the day to him and pray during those times when you would be eating breakfast or drinking a cup of coffee at break etc…Like Whitsitt said in his blog don’t seek blessings and God’s favor. Seek him. The blessings and the favor of Christ will follow. Lent is a ritualistic symbol we all know. I guess the thing that I’m asking is if you’re observing Lent, are you just being ritualistic or are you really surrendering to the will of Christ in your life?

Something to think about and ponder…Hmmmmmmmmmm

Until the next slip of the tongue, thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”

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~Dear Mr. President, Apparently No You Can’t!!!~

Old Glory Cries Every time She Taste the Wind.


Dear Mr. President,

Please resign.

I know there may be a few people that won’t agree with this particular blog post but, you’ll get over it.

Let me spill it to you straight. This particular Presidential administration is bordering on being the worst administration to have ever taken office in the White House. Words that I like to use to describe this particular President and administration are as follows (And they’re in no particular order) :

  • Catastrophic
  • Horrible
  • Inept
  • Lame
  • Unethical
  • Dishonest
  • “Shysterly” – My own term.
  •  Corrupt

It makes me sick to my stomach to describe our nation’s leader and the people who represent him in this way. This is by far the most prestigious office on the planet…”Leader of the Free World”.  The man and administration we have in office now has been in over his head from day one. I’m not sure who is actually calling the shots behind the scenes but if it’s truly President Obama. You’re performance has been piss-poor at best. Your economic policies are sophomoric and delusional as well as unconstitutional at times. “Yes We Can” has been nothing more than a promise of hollow lies. Make no mistake, I didn’t vote for you, but I didn’t think you could be this bad. Don’t get me wrong … One campaign promise you made that has stood through the test of time. You changed the price of gas, changed the deficit, changed the unemployment rate…Guess what…They ALL have risen drastically. Should I go on?

Without getting too far into particulars your effort behind the most powerful pen this world has ever know has been worse than “Carter’Esque”. Respectfully, Sir…The job you’ve done is unacceptable.

Now, while you’re quite a grand failure in your own right, I don’t want to let you take all of the credit.

Dear United States Congressmen,

I urge each of you to retire and move on to actually trying something else other than destroying this country. The partisanship you display is sickening. The pandering a president that is inept at his job is sickening. The ineptitude of your own efforts while taking underhanded deals through special interest is ………sickening. It’s unbelievable that in a country this large and with the intelligence we harbor that we ended up with this body of morons governing the common good of this once great nation. It sickens me for every soldier that’s ever served…Not just those who have lost their life but those who sacrifice their freedom so to speak to serve this country.

Those who have sacrificed it all for this country

It’s utterly depressing that we have this sort of leadership and we, as a citizen base, expect our citizens to not want a handout. Hell, that’s what the leadership of this country expects. A handout. As a faithful, patriotic and proud citizen of this country I urge each of you who read this to put aside partisanship and vote to better this country this fall. Because our liberties are shrinking every day, our wealth is shrinking every day, promising futures are shrinking ….Every day.

Needs no explanation

Not inspiriational but this is what’s on my mind today.


Until the next slip of the tongue, thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon  

~Highway to the Danger Zone, well, Kinda~

Full View of the Landing Approach from the West At Runway 1 0 - Covington Municipal Airport

Yesterday a good friend of mine, Hansel Brand, ran into me at the Square Perk in Covington, Ga. and we talked about all sorts of things. Politics, religion, flying…See, Hans is a flight instructor and he’s been telling me he’d take me up for months now. Well, he offered yesterday and I said “Why Hell Yeah!”. I used to fly privately frequently for work and it’s been years since I’ve sat in the cockpit of a small aircraft.

Until yesterday I had forgotten how much fun it is to fly. Now I’m not talking about flying Delta from here to visit your Grandparents down in Southern Florida who are taking up space with all the Yankees and Cubans … That’s a story for another time. I’m talking about climbing into a fuselage roughly the size of a 55 gallon barrel, taxiing out onto the runway, doing the engine run-up and feeling that single engine bounce the entire plane up and down on the pavement. Oh man, if you have never flown in a small aircraft you don’t know what you’re missing.

Here, let me try my best to explain it to ya. First off, there is no where to stand up, no sky mall to read or grumpy beverage cart girl snapping “Coke, Water or Coffee…Crackers or Peanuts”…Once you’re done with the run-up and pre takeoff procedures you start down the runway, the heart is racing, the brow may have a few beads of sweat and there there you go. The plane is motoring down the runway and it feels like you’re in a roller skate on it’s way down hill. There is nothing like the feeling of the plane trying to take off before optimal speed…It’s almost like a dance. And I can promise you no matter how many times you fly just before the plane leaves the comfort of the ground there is a brief second of wonder…Wonder of whether or not the plane will actually fly.

When you feel the plane climb on top of that pocket of wind and the trees, buildings and cars start getting smaller perspective on life get’s a LOT bigger. The fact that you’re rapidly climbing away from the safety and comfort of the hard shrinking earth ALWAYS makes me think of the saying “It’s not that fall that kills ya, it’s the sudden stop that plays hell on your body”. That’s never stopped me before. And you should know that I do NOT like heights. But when you’re flying a couple thousand feet above the earth seeing things you’ve never seen before from the road, seeing mountains that are in Walton county from Oxford Ga., Seeing the tops of water towers…Man it’s worth the risk and every bit as thrilling as anything I’ve ever done.

Lake Varner

Sure there is risk, sure there is plenty of danger involved…”What ifs” as well. What if the engine failed or the wing broke off…There is another saying that goes with that and it has to do with a creek and a paddle. There are HUGE life and death risk that is taken in leaving the ground. That fall will undoubtedly hurt, maim or kill. And it’s always in the back of your mind with each little air pocket you hit and little movement of the plane. Especially when you’re not controlling the flight of the plane and your life is literally in someone else’s hands.

Then there comes the landing. This is the part that usually gets me if there is any part of me that doesn’t like to fly it’s this part. You’re in a small plane and it’s literally like flying in a can … It’s loud, it can be stuffy and hot or cold. You’re speeding towards the runway and you feel the wing tips on each side drop and raise and drop and raise. Every sense your body owns heightens and just before the plane touches down it’s calm…..Everything slows down and it’s almost like that peace someone feels right before you die if I can equate it with anything. The wheels touch down and the throttle is pulled back and you just roll to a controlled taxi. Man, there is not another high on this planet that relates to flying. I don’t care what you say!

But the high, for me at least, isn’t from the inherent danger of crashing or the heights…It’s from the perspective I get. It’s a totally different view of the world. It’s seeing the world for what it really is…Just a thing. It’s freeing really. There really is a feeling of Freedom you get from it. The perspective is that of what really matters. It’s a shame that it takes actually feeling like I’m risking something to actually see the things that are truly important to me. But when I’m a couple grand off the ground I’m thinking about my family, friends, dog, people I need to apologize to or forgive. When I say perspective I’m not just talking about the way a full grown 200 year old oak tree looks from the air. I’m talking about who I am and what I’m doing with the life that is truly in danger.

We get in our cars, trucks and SUVs every day taking for granted that we’re going to come on tonight like we’ve always done. Sometimes that’s not the case and that’s sad. We take for granted that our family and friends will be here tomorrow as well. Not all of us can go out and jump in a plane and just take off but we can get in a car and be killed just as quickly.  Now, don’t take this is that I’m saying live afraid because I’m saying the opposite. Man, get out there and FLY! Crawl into something out of the every day and get some perspective on your life. What’s important? Who’s important? Is it shoes? or clothes? or Cars? or Boats? or Rings? What is truly important? If you were to crash and burn tomorrow what would you truly want to accomplish today? Who would you want to Thank today? Tell I love you , Today?

Life is just like that short plane ride I took yesterday afternoon. You start sitting still, the rush of the take off and the euphoria of the flight, the fear of the crash, the anxiety of the landing and the feeling of no regret when that flight is over. That’s how I see things today.

When I  left Covington Municipal Airport yesterday I went straight

to my parents house so that I could tell my dad, who was jealous, all about the flight. The kinda plane, the landing the entire thing…But not just that but I went to spend time with the people who are most important in my life. Not because I was scared of never seeing them but because of the perspective I have on that part of my life.

So, where does is your perspective today? Is it in the things that you can do without or the things you cannot do without?

Wanna be Copilot

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon.

~Is it REALLY the Thought That Counts?~

True Story

Valentines Day is Dumb! 

On this cold wet Tuesday in the South there are a lot of people spending money on a “Holiday” to celebrate love. There are also millions of people dreading this day because they’re single and don’t have a significant other to celebrate with.  There are also more than a handful of people who feel the way I do about this so called holiday we know as Valentines Day. It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood of Smart people if you ask me. We don’t like it. In fact I find it foolishly absurd that people over the age of 15 see the need to spend money on their loved ones to “Show” they love them. The novelty of the holiday is cute but that’s about where it stops with me. The disturbance in this holiday is just not skin deep if you ask me.

Just as most of the marked days we celebrate from history that spans centuries and over several continents this holiday has been lost in commercialism ($ = Love). Holy Cow! Who would have thunk it! If you’re one of the millions of people here going out to celebrate your Love for the man or woman in your life then you should know what you’re actually commemorating. St. Valentines Day is a memorial to martyrdom.  Yes, you’re celebrating the martyr of  saints for the Roman Catholic church.


I bet that just warms all of y’all cockles right? I know it does mine! Whew, I just can’t take it anymore…If only I were not single! People will be gorging themselves on all sorts of food, spending hundreds of dollars on flowers and gifts and hotel rooms. Maybe even reaching into the thousands for some. Some may even propose on the day of martyrdom.  That would be something wouldn’t it ladies…”Baby, the minute I saw you I knew you were the one for me..Darlin, when those barroom lights came on and you downed that last Bud Heavy without pulling that Marlboro off those lips I couldn’t stand it anymore…When our crossed eyes I met…It was kismet…Lerlene, on this day that we celebrate the death of saints…Would you promise to be my queen forever? Baby, will you marry me?”  Tell me that don’t make you weak in the knees…I know it does me!

The last time I celebrated Valentines day was in 2001. Took the girl I was dating out for dinner and spent well over a hundred dollars for dinner. Bought her a pair of diamond earrings (Which she lost 2 weeks later) and a tv.  After the night was pretty much over with what I got wasn’t a thank you … It was “Is that it?”…LOL That was my VD gift. That and a pair of hockey tickets. I don’t even like hockey. You may think I’m bitter…Which I can most assuredly tell you that I’m not. I was at the time but in my years I have learned that Love isn’t shown through spending money on someone or where you take someone to dinner. It’s shown through an every day relationship.

The statement that always kills me is “It’s the thought that counts”.  Really? Soooo, a man throwing away money on a fleeting gift – on a day that he is really and truly not looking forward to just to try and keep you happy…Is that the greatest thought that proves and shows love? LOL, That’s really a selfish attitude if you ask me.

Now, I know there are some that are saying “You’re single and you’re just jealous”…Ummm…No, I’ve felt this way since day 1 of giving the little cards away in elementary school. I will say that I truly do not believe there is a thing wrong with giving someone a gift or taking them out to dinner to share something special. That’s what life and love are all about. But here is the thing. Shouldn’t every day be a gift in your relationships? Shouldn’t we reach out and tell those we love every day that we love them and show it daily that we do?  Why can’t we slow down enough to do that? Why do we have to have day that almost forces someone to try and show that?  You may not agree with my point of view but you’d be wrong. If you look forward to a singular day of the year for the gift you’re going to get from someone then you’ve missed it. You’re really missing out on life and what it truly means to live.  Period. Think about about what is truly important in life and spend some time daily giving thanks for it.

One thing I’d really like to challenge you to do on days like today is reach out to those who are less fortunate. The $25, $50 or $100’s you’re going to spend on this day of martyrdom … Donate that to help feed someone. To help clothe someone. To help house someone.  You know what…That’s a thought that counts. 

That’s how you Love!

This was posted on Facebook and I wanted to re-share it.

“So, this morning at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru, I paid for the car behind me & told them to tell her Happy Valentine’s Day. The lady caught me at the light, and in tears she thanked me for making her day. Her husband passed away a few months ago, and this is her first Valentine’s Day with out him in 20 years. She told me this was his way of telling her he loves her… And this is why it is good to pay it forward!! You have an extra $2, pay for the car behind you, it could mean a lot to them!!”

This is how you Love! 

Jesus gives the perfect example on how to love in Matthew 25:31-46. It’s not that hard. You never know what a small meal or just a hello to a stranger could mean in someone else’s life.

So on this day of martyrdom I’d like to wish you a Happy Forced Love Day!

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon 

~Who Really is the BACON! in Me?~

Mmmmm.....Couldn't you just eat this raw! I know I could.



Yesterday I sat down and talked to a friend of mine and we had a short conversation about identity. Just for a few minutes of my day and it turned my day around actually. It changed my perspective pretty much on my life. I started to think these thoughts:

  • Who was I?
  • Who am I? 
  • Who am I going to be? 

Who did I used to be? 

Curtin' a rug

Well, my identity used to be about fun. I was who you wanted to call when there was a time to Party. Life was all about the party. No matter if there was booze involved or not…Lets just have fun. I could get serious when I was 50. Little did I know how personally destructive that is. I gave up a lot of things actually just to be the “Life of the Party”. Careers, Education, Relationships, wealth. Really only one of those matter and that’s the relationships. Real relationships. Not just a drinking buddy or just riding shotgun. For a long time that’s who I was…That was MY identity. My name was probably on every bathroom wall from here to Tunica…”For a good time call Cannon”. Don’t let your mind wonder to far with tat now.

So I ask you…Who am I? What’s my identity in your eyes?  Cause the truth is I’m constantly searching and I think at times we all go through this…Who am I?

When people post things on facebook or sent me text the things that they associate me with usually comes from something out of my sense of humor, taste in music, taste in food and my taste in women…Yes, women 😉 They make the best sandwiches!

See, I LOVE BACON!. It’s the shoestring that holds my culinary prowess together. I mean who DOESN’T Love BACON! Through a few post I’ve made about BACON! on facebook it’s become part of my identity. It’s become part of me…It’s actually kinda funny I get people who barely know me asking why I love BACON! So doggone much. I really don’t know what to tell them other than it’s the perfect food. It’s pork…it’s salty…It’s fatty….I mean…What in the world is NOT to love about BACON! It’s found in everything now from candles to breath mints to toothpaste. I haven’t tried the tooth paste but my friend, Jeff Owens, brought me back some breath mints from Florida because he understands my love of pork-bellies. I mean that’s when you know something you love reaches people. When they bring you presents, big or small, that reminds them of me. BTW, the BACON! mints tasted like BACON! and smelled like a busted deer gut.

Oh my sweet Nubian Queen!

Coffee, lets face it if you really want to label me then coffee is the way to do it. It’s my vice now days. I love it…I drink it all day long…I drink it leaded  or decaf.  I drink it black like I like my women…”Hot black and bitter”…Or with some cream and sugar…Real CANE sugar. I LOVE a hot cup of coffee. I have my favorite coffee house. It’s at the corner of Floyd and Pace Streets in down town Covington, Ga. It’s where I go to reflect, talk, worship, relax, joke, read, write, work and drink coffee. In another blog coming soon I’m going to explain the importance of coffee on the world. There hasn’t been a commodity that’s played a bigger role on the planet…Even gold! I love coffee so much I have actually been given the nickname “Coffee”. Yep, I turn around when people say coffee randomly thinking someone is talking about me. Then I realize they’re actually talking about the drink and for a few fleeting moments I feel a little bit like a moron.

Something else I’ve found myself identifying with is anxiety and depression. It was something I have struggled with for years privately and now that it’s out in the open I feel like I have an X on my chest when it comes to that. It used to actually rule my life. I did things because of my struggles with both and it usually manifested itself in terrible decisions and that’s where the false relationships in my life festered from as well. This is an identity I still struggle with today. I worry about it ALL the time…Will people see this or that about me…What will cause this or that to come to the surface next time. I can’t speak for others but it’s a real identity that I see myself.

Hell, I have so many identities that they keep popping up in my head. When I look in the mirror I still see the guy that weighed almost 260 lbs. I weigh a buck semty five right now. But I still see myself as a fat guy and I probably ALWAYS will. That’s part of my identity…I’ve lost 70lbs and I still see myself as a tub. :/ And no I didn’t do it by tossing my cookies and whatnot when I finished off a box of Fruity Pebbles.

Here’s the thing … We don’t just have one singular identity. There are things in our being that we identify with that are good, bad, indifferent, ugly, beautiful and just plain strange. Some things we hide for fear of judgement and sometimes we let that freak flag fly and just run with it.

Who am I going to be?

The identity I want to have above all others is my identity in Christ. I want it to supersede all others no matter how trivial or deeply emotional. I want my identity to be in Christ.

Last night I realized that’s where I am. It’s been there for a while and I’m humbled that it’s something that others see in my. It’s Christ. It’s my identity in Christ. Not too long ago a friend of mine posted something on facebook and I commented. I’m not going to say who or what it was about but her response was “I figured you’d be the first to respond to this…When I think of Jesus … I think of you”. Wow! I didn’t know what to say and I still don’t. People tell me all the time that I’m an inspiration. I just don’t see it. I’m identified with Christ and I LOVE that but I’m so far from being a great or even a good Christian it’s hard for me to accept that identity. I have a few friends that feel the same way. I struggle with selfish guilt. Not for other people but guilt for my relationship at times with Jesus. That’s when inevitably I’m flooded with grace.  While I don’t all the time paint the perfect picture of a Christian and I know there is no such thing God uses me in spite of myself and that’s something I’m proud to be a part of.

That’s where I want my identity…In Christ.


  • Who were you?                                            Maybe a football player  or beauty queen or partier yourself?
  • Who are you?                                               Avg. person struggling with life? 
  • Who are you gonna be?                         I hope found in Christ…It’s a great place to be! 

I’d love to hear some of the identities y’all carry on a daily basis. Please, leave the clowns and midgets off here…Those are two identities I can’t stomach! ((((((SHIVER))))))))


Until the next slip of the tongue, thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon


~Toonces Take the Wheel~


Let me just put this out there…I’m not in a blogging mood. In fact I’m in no real mood to communicate at all. BUT I’m going to let it all out any way. Just like I normally do. This may not be funny but I know some of you can relate.

Today I’d like to vent a little bit as well as throw some transparency your way. Today hasn’t been the most pleasant lap this world has ever taken for me. In fact, I’m feeling a little anxious. For those who don’t know me well I have suffered from anxiety, depression and anger for most of my adult life. Really, the anxiety has been manifesting as long as I’ve been able to formulate a thought. These are issues that everyone deals with at some point in life. We all have particular anxieties that we suffer from and at times are depressed. Some of you may or may not be able to relate to the anger part of this. Anywho, today I feel like I’ve lost it…Like the world has brought me to the pinnacle of worldliness and just stopped. In other words I feel OUT OF CONTROL! 

Days like today make me feel like one of the most beloved Saturday Night Live characters of all time. That’s right, you guess it: Toonces … Toonces the “Driving Cat”.  For those of you who are not familiar you’re about to get some ed’yo’cay’shun. Toonces was a cat that could drive a car. That’s right! Drive……..A……Car.  Usually started off doing very well but inevitably driving off a cliff somewhere and bursting into flames. He usually just drove around characters and guest stars like Billy Joel in the skit and then WAW’BAM! KA’BLOOIE! The car was in flames.

I feel ya Toonces...I feel ya.

My day today has certainly felt like a ride with Toonces. Hasn’t been the worst day I have ever had but Calgon is calling my name! “Take me AWAY!”.  Any of y’all having a day like that today?

Today is one of those days where it’s very hard for me to live out my faith. In fact we discussed this in our Growth Group/Small Group Sunday. Sometime’s – Some days we just don’t want to give up that control of our life. We just don’t feel like being Christians. Is that natural? I don’t know…Probably. The times when I feel so far out in left field are the time when I refuse to pray about an issue. Think there is a reason I feel so lost and out of control? That should be an AHA! moment, but most of the time sadly it’s not. I tend to beat myself up for a day or so until the next issue arises.  I know for a FACT there are people reading this that feel the same way…And not just one person.

I just completed “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan and now i’m working on “Radical” by David Platt: If you haven’t read them or listened to them, you need to! Both of these books are and have convicted me…Things I thought I surrendered I have not…Or I’ve only partially done so. I KNOW there are people who can relate to that as well. Not just avg. Christians but people I call SUPER CHRISTIANS…And I know a few. While this is somewhat comforting that I/you are not the only one don’t let it be grounds for acceptance or false comfort. We’re all sinners and don’t really deserve the Grace we get.

As Christians we hear that term “Die to thyself daily”…How many of really do that? I know I don’t. That makes me feel like pure garbage and it also keeps my ability to grow and I believe it truly limits my blessings.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m horrible at this…It’s tough to lean totally on Christ, especially in this country because we have so much materialism to take our minds off of what we really need to be focused on.  With that being said on days like this the one thing I need to remember is Grace. Grace…Spell it out with me G-R-A-C-E…Grace. The Grace we receive from Christ is something I cannot understand and that’s one thing that I want to wrap my mind around but just can’t.  But I’m SOO very thankful for it and thankful that I don’t have to understand it.

So on days when Toonces seems to be driving you around…Just remember that God’s grace is sufficient!

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.


I know this is more preaching than I normally subject y’all to but I had it was meant to come out.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon

~Where is My Other Sock?!~

Anyone know if these are legal to hunt in Georgia?

I’m just going to be honest with y’all – I hate doing laundry. I HATE IT! Well, let me back up a step. I hate folding clothes. The actual washing and drying ain’t so dang bad. But the folding is something I put right up there with washing dishes, sawing off my toes, being maimed by a piece of landscaping equipment…You get the drift?

Well, in hearing my love for laundry you’d probably think that I hate to iron as well. Actually I love to iron. I iron pretty much everything right down to my drawers. Yep, that’s right I like my boxers pressed (No starch though). I enjoy not looking like a slob but there comes a price for not enjoying folding … Well, I don’t know anyone that likes to fold and if you do you’re welcome at my house anytime. But in my case there are several laundry baskets that hold clean clothes in my floor and usually just one that holds dirty clothes. I guess it could be just a guy thing but I usually fold clothes once a month and it consist of about 3 t-shirts and then I’m done. Back to the price I pay for this…I have an over active sock monster and I swear that monster is the hungriest beast that has ever stalked the planet!

The sock monster makes it’s presence known at my house every day. It’s a daily ritual for me. I wake up, brush my tooth, take a shower get dressed and in the process of getting dressed I search furiously for 2 matching socks. I mean I tear my house apart for 2 matching socks. When I find them I put them on quickly for fear of the sock monsters appetite. You may laugh but I bet I’m the only person that does this. It’s actually gotten SOOO bad that once I reach the goal of finding 2 socks that match (Once I have checked for holes in the sock – A story for another day) I put them on regardless of whether they match the rest of my attire or not. I’m actually wearing matching socks that don’t match the rest of what I have on 60% of the time…That’s an estimate but I’m betting it’s pretty accurate.  It used to bother me to do that but not these days.

That got me to thinking…Would anyone notice if I wore 2 totally unrelated socks?

The socks I'm wearing today

And if someone did notice would they tell me?

If you have read any of the blogs I’ve posted you kn0w by now my mind doesn’t work like a “Normal” person’s. And that’s just fine with me actually. My good friend and Brother in Christ, Rod Myers,  pointed out to me that I see things through a kaleidoscope of thoughts that I personally like to call “Kaleidoscopia”. With that being said I’m about to visit “Kaleidoscopia” again so come on with me.

As I looked for a matching pair of socks this morning I had this thought. If I wore a pair of socks that were not really a pair at all would anyone notice…If they did would they tell me and if so who is most likely to say “Marc, did you know you have on 2 totally unrelated socks.”  Then it lead me to think that no one would really care really right? I mean who looks at my socks? Who really notices a man’s socks?

But then I thought about my friends. I have a lot of friends. A LOT and I love that about my life but really how many good friends do I have? Those are the people who would say “Marc, you moron … You’re wearing 2 different socks!”. I’m talking about the people who know things about me that if were leaked to the press arrest would be made.  There are really and truly 4 of those people in my life. The people who know me to the bone. Know the dark stuff and actually like that guy regardless of my Good, Bad and Ugly. Those 4 guys would make life pretty rough for me if I went anywhere with them and they knew I had unmatched socks on. But they would also still go with me. Hell, they’d stick with me no matter what.

The simple fact of the matter is … We need those people to tell us when we don’t have on matching socks. We need those kinda of friends in our lives that will tell us when we have something in our teeth and accept us because they love us no matter what. It’s funny how something that happens every day, such as searching for a sock, can remind you that the people who you cling to when times are good, bad or ugly are irreplaceable.  You’ll hear me say more than once if you know me that relationships are the most important things we own in this life so value them for what they are.

My challenge to you is sometime this week wear a pair of socks that do not match and let me know who brings it to your attention. Thank that person or people and tell them what they mean to you.  


But maybe not this bold!

Proverbs 18:24

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels” 


The Loose Cannon

~Jingle, Jingle, I hate Change!~

It fits in a jar, not my pocket.


This country waste a lot…We waste a lot. I MEAN A LOT! I’m not going to do the research but I can tell you that by the worlds standards we as a country should be looked upon like we are. And that’s not very good. I mean I do know that the avg person globally lives on less than $2 a day. That is sad. VERY SAD. The sad par is that We as Americans don’t too much care as long as our way of life isn’t compromised.

Our Government leads the way in wastefulness. Think about it…Even you bleeding heart liberals who would rather the Government hold your hand through entitlements cannot deny that most social programs are a waste of time and choke our government to it’s core. There’s other issues that are wasteful as well. Look at the minting of our hard currency. We for years minted $1 coins that did nothing but sat on shelves and never hit the streets. Wasting millions upon MILLIONS of dollars per month. Guess, what…This went on for decades. And why? What in the hell does it matter if a coin has a president, or state, or any persons face for that matter on it. I understand the need to produce a coin that cannot be duplicated easily. Not sure too many people are minting coins in their basement these days but I guess it could happen.  That’s just one example…

Speaking of coins. I cannot stand carrying change in my pocket. Ever heard of the term “Heavy Pockets”? Well I cannot standing having heavy pockets. More than my money clip and a few keys and I feel like my pants are coming off. I don’t even like spending change really. Since I’ve been broke…And I mean rolling pennies for gas broke I’ve had to spend change. While I’m not too proud to spend it I still don’t like walking to the counter with $20 in change and having to count that out to the foreign man that’s going to count the money right back at me after I’ve already counted it. It’s sort of embarrassing. So, I’m taking donations of real cash dollars if your handing it out 🙂

I’m sure most of you have at some point had to pay for something all with change or rolled it for a vacation. I hate rolling it as well. I’m always freaking out wondering if I got the $10 or the $2 are correct in the nickel package or quarter package etc… It’s just really a nuisance most of the time. Then taking it to the bank is like dragging an anvil to the bank. Or using those Coin Star Machines make me crazy as well…To just really be freaking honest I hate change. I wish the government would go to an all paper system and cut out the going all together. But then you have a ton of issues with that. Coke machines, stamp machines, wishing wells and bubble gum machines would all be obsolete. So you cant really change change.. Those are things we’ve become accustomed to around here and no one really wants to change something even if it makes it more convenient and whatnot.

If I had to bet all the change in my change purse I’d be willing to bet that each an every one of you hate change. Change in your pocket, rolling change, spending change, and changing things that we know would make life better just because it’s not the regular ole routine.

Let me ask you a question.

Why is change so hard to accept? Even the gas station employs and owners put a limit on how much change they accept from one person. I mean it’s money right? Change is just plain hard to deal with. We as humanity have gotten to the point where if it’s not comfortable to us then we don’t want it. I can only speak from my own experience in that for the most part change has been greatly needed in my life and usually brings about a better lifestyle and outlook for me. Not all the time but for the most part. Now change can be painful and that’s to be expected. It’s uncomfortable but when you make changes there is a new freshness in life that wasn’t there before.

Having faced some financial instability in my life I’ve been forced to embrace change in my life. Not just the spare change that pays my gas but things like not eating out, not buying clothes, not watching the tv channels that I’m used to watching and just plain being a tightwad. But you know I’ve also learned to value the blessings in life I do have. The things in life money cannot buy like relationships, homemade Christmas presents and not being bound to the almighty dollar. It’s really been a point of freedom in my life. Not that I’ve ever been rich but I’ve been able to do pretty much most things I want to up to this point in my life. So in these days and years to come I hope that I can continue to embrace the changes in my life, good or bad, for what they are. They’re actually blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon me.

So I challenge each of you to embrace change. Hard change, things that make you want to throw up that you know you need to change but don’t have the guts to. I can promise you the decision to stop smoking, cussing, slow down on the roads, whatever your changes need to be … If you delete that from your life you’ll feel liberated. If you do not agree…Then you’re simply wrong…..

Thanks for listening!

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon

~On this Day in History~

January 30th

On this day in history in

1649 – England’s King Charles I was beheaded.

1798 – The first brawl in the U.S. House of Representatives took place. Congressmen Matthew Lyon and Roger Griswold fought on the House floor.

1917 – The Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded “The Darktown Strutters’ Ball.” (considered to be the first jazz record)

1933 – “The Lone Ranger” was heard on radio for the first time. The program ran for 2,956 episodes and ended in 1955.

1933 – Adolf Hitler was named the German Chancellor.

1948 – Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist.

1956 – Elvis Presley recorded “Blue Suede Shoes.”

1968 – The Tet Offensive began as Communist forces launched surprise attacks against South Vietnamese provincial capitals.

1969 – The Beatles made their last-ever public appearance as a group. The performance of “Get Back” was filmed for the movie “Let It Be.”

1972 – In Northern Ireland, British soldiers shot and killed thirteen Roman Catholic civil rights marchers. The day is known as “Bloody Sunday.”

2002 – Slobodan Milosevic accused the U.N. war crimes tribunal of an “evil and hostile attack” against him. Milosevic was defending his actions during the Balkan wars.

Born on this day in History: 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.) 1882

Barbara Hale 1922

Gene Hackman 1931

Vanessa Redgrave 1937

Norma Jean 1938

Brett Butler 1958

Christian Bale 1974

From the looks of it today has been a pretty lame day in world history. I mean just look at what a quick search of this dates happenings through out history turned up.  There are a few happenings that are kinda sort interesting and a couple that have actually changed the course of history and had a global impact. But while the Murder of Gandhi, Hitler’s installment of power,the Vietnam War and the beheading of King Charles were all major events the rest of the list doesn’t look so dramatic in the grand scheme of the way the world has turned out so far. No that each hasn’t had some sort of impact but really in our daily lives those are really the only ones that stand out to me.

Actually, the birth of FDR has effected us all. His policies, good or bad, have touched everyone who has lived during or after his presidency. FDR has had a far reaching and vast impact on this country. He reached the world as the leader of the Free world in WWII in defeating Hitlers regime. One of the most horrific humans to have ever walked this planets surface. Talk about despicable! Hitler would have to look up to reach the scourge of the earth. Gandhi was the total opposite of Hitler. He was the ultimate peacemaker. Rooted against any sort of violence of any kind. People still look to his teachings as a way to live.

There isn’t a soul on this planet that could argue the impact of each of these individuals on the last 75 years or so. I mean their reach far outweighs anything one can imagine for one single person’s lifetime. I’d argue that FDR has had the greatest impact on this country of any president in history. I’d say that his presidency was more vital than any other president’s. Including Lincoln and Washington. Not that each didn’t face some unbelievably unimaginable challenges, BUT… FDR lead at a time when the first true global reign was entirely possible. I don’t think he was perfect but he lead this country through probably it’s greatest threat that we’ve ever known.

Peace truly get’s no love. Throughout history we don’t praise people who eat, drink and sleep peace to their fellow man. Gandhi believed that violence was not the way to settle conflict. Living lavishly wasn’t the way to a happy existence and that lavish living lead to conflict. I’m no scholar on his life but I know enough to know that he was right in that sense. Wealth can be a catalyst in conflict. His teachings are still felt across his globe. Not just from his native religion but a lot of religions and beliefs around the world teach what he walked.

Hitler, Hitler is a man who brings hate, and rage and depression to people all over this planet to this day. 70 some-odd years after his suicide. I don’t think there has ever been another human to have walked this planet that has affected so many people. Not just in his region but globally. He was a fruitcake! He was off his rocker. He thought he was a God. If people are honest his name strikes fear into sooo many today and will for years and centuries to come.  Unfortunately that’s the God’s honest truth.

As I was reading through this day in history happenings I started thinking about these three individuals. Their course in life is still effecting life today, posthumously. Their decisions, thoughts, personalities, likes & dislikes have in someway reached us all. In thinking about that I thought about who affect and what how my decisions, personality, likes and dislikes effect people.

Most statics tell us that in 50 to 60 years no one will have the slightest clue as to who we are or who we were. Sure it will be easier to research your families lineage then with the advent of the technology age. BUT, that only tells your name, your hair color, maybe what you weighted and what you liked on your spam sandwich. But it won’t tell the real person you were. It won’t have the same impact as knowing you. Even through time we’ve lost something of each of the aforementioned.  But the regular Joe working at the Piggly Wiggly meat counter…Chances are no one will remember your after you’re dead and gone.

It’s kinda of a sad thought to think that really my life is limited to just a few years in the grand scheme of God’s universe in time. We live for vapor and we’re gone. 2 generations from now we’ll be forgotten for the most part. Even entertainers and musicians for the most part will be forgotten.

When I started thinking about that I told myself I wanted a legacy. One that will last not 2 generations but I want to leave something lasting. Not like a name on a building or a highway or a bridge…Although, I’d love to have a bridge named after me. I’m talking about when people talk about me they talked about how I impacted lives. I want to be known today, tomorrow and posthumously for helping people change their lives and being a positive impact to the world around me. Those thoughts started circling in my head and thought to myself … Wait a minute, I do have that opportunity. It’s right here at my fingertips. It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s in how I conduct myself … Not only in public but the privacy of my own home.

It then came to me that I have an opportunity to make, not only a generational impact, but an eternal impact. What I do daily has an impact eternally. Maybe not in the person sitting to my right but it could be to the person sitting to my left, or the person sitting behind me at a restaurant.

The truth of it all is that 50 billion people, give or take a dozen or so, have taken a breath upon this earth. Chances are there are just a handful of those people who have had a real impact in your life. In my life and it’s been the same since God whispered “Let there be light”. There is only one person who impacts us all eternally and that’s Jesus Christ. His legacy has been seen over a couple thousand years and it’s not going away. It’s actually growing with each second of our man made concept of time.  I know that Christ living in me will ensure my legacy to be a lasting one. Not only on this planet but when I walk in Glory. It’s amazing the impact you and I can have just knowing him and walking the way he walked.

Just something for all of y’all to ponder on this Monday afternoon.

Until the next slip of the tongue, Thank you for visiting “Gullible’s Travels”


The Loose Cannon 

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